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MOST Web Framework

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MOST Web Framework is a full featured MVC framework for building scalable web applications and services under node.js. Its data modelling infrastucture offers a wide set of features like data model inheritance, associations, validation, filtering, ordering, grouping, paging etc.
It comes with a set of javascript view engines (EJS, Jade, Markdown, Vash etc) for rendering HTML content. MOST Web Framework also implements server-side Angular JS rendering called Angular JS for Server Applications.
Fork MOST Web Framework on github, checkout the examples , read the documentation and explore all the features included in this powerfull MVC framework.

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MOST Web Framework is now in beta version 2.0 (Codename Blueshift) which implements a lot of ES6 and ES7 features for developing modern web applications and services.
MOST Web Framework RootController

The power of node.js meets well-known infrastructures of other MVC frameworks and the result is an easy to use, powefull and fully customizable web framework for building scalable web applications and services.

MOST Web Framework RootController

MOST Web Framework ORM module provides data adapters of popular databases engines (MySQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, H2 etc) and allows developers and software engineers to adapt it on their existing infrastructures.

MOST Web Framework PHP client

MOST Web Framework brings a set of client tools of the most common programming languages and frameworks (.NET, PHP, Java, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular 2 etc) and allows developers to build application and services by using the language they prefer.

theMOST was founded on March 2017 and provides analysis and development services focused on data management for small, medium and large organizations.

Its great experience in a wide set of application services including data services, data modelling, business processing, content management, scheduling services and many more brings a new era on data management services and applications.

Kyriakos Barbounakis

Kyriakos started his career as software engineer on large data management systems. Soon he undestood that programming life is always exciting when you are focused on new technologies and how these may be implemented in existing applications and services.

Now he is working on @theMOST development team as core developer and uses his programming skills for adapting MOST Web Framework on different programming languages and systems.

Anthi Oikonomou

Anthi started her career as database programmer and analyst on data management systems and services of large organizations. Soon she became an expert on database modelling and started to use her experience on web applications and services as core developer.

Now she is working on @theMOST development team as core developer and uses her expertise on data modelling and software analysis for adapting MOST Web Framework on data applications and services.